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Code2000.TTF is a Unicode-based true-type font. It is offered as a shareware demo. If you like it and use it after a reasonable evaluation period, you are obliged to register the font by sending me $5 (Five U.S. Dollars, or equivalent in any currency.)

Please send to:

James Kass
424 W. Commonwealth #304
Fullerton, California U.S.A. 92832

Code2000 is a work-in-process. It currently (Version 1.02) has almost 29000 glyphs.

It is still a bit rough, in spots. I am constantly working to improve it and add more glyphs.

Although it is more-or-less readable at 12 - 18 point, it is much clearer at about 24 point. Some of the dingbats should be at least 36 point. With font- smoothing it looks good at 14 point.

Windows 98 has font-smoothing built-in. Microsoft has font-smoothing available for free download for Windows 95. If you're running Windows 95 you should definitely get font smoothing.

To download font smoothing for Windows 95, go to

To enable font smoothing in Windows 98:
1) Click My Computer
2) Click Control Panel
3) Click Display
4) Click Effects tab
5) Put check in box called "Smooth Edges of Screen Fonts"

All of the glyphs are mine, painstakingly drawn one point at a time. I try to design glyphs which are true to the language they represent based on as many script samples as I can obtain.

Some of the scripts are only partially represented in the font.

My website:   Click Here to e-mail me.


Code2000 claims to support the Chinese code-pages, but it doesn't (yet).

CODE2000.ZIP may be copied and distributed freely, provided that the contents are intact and unaltered.

Registered users may request a copy of the font with embedding enabled, furnished upon e-mail request for same with a valid return e-mail address.